SiteDitto... A Better Website Experience for Groups

Is it time to get your Organization/Franchise websites on the same page?
If Yes, we have all the tools you need, CMS for websites!

Manage your own multi website hosting business – this service was built for anyone to start or control their Organization/Franchise websites with ease and it's all backed by live US tech support.

Tried of websites being a sore spot in the company? Tired of trying to do updates, having all your members using different web companies and paying way too much? And the biggest problem is the communication between each of them...

SiteDitto is the solution to these issues and more. And you can also have a login for members only – to pick up fliers, bulletins, new company rules, you name it.

Our responsive template websites are easy to design and edit. You will have all the tools you will need to design your own web of sites that are interconnected with each other? Do you want to control one page, how about ten pages on every site, no problem! Do you want your web of sites to be on one domain or all have different domain names, easy! Have a great shopping cart already? Link it in to all your websites or any other program/service you use instantly.

Manage 5 to 10,000 websites in one place. (Each site can allow different options for individual customer’s needs)

Lock down the look and feel of all websites in your web of sites, change it up anytime.

Manage a page or pages on your entire web of sites if needed (Corporate news, a shopping cart, advertising  Etc.)  

Doesn’t matter if you set them up as a sub-domain or full domain 

Easy to control and learn the system in about 45 minutes. (Doesn’t matter if you have 5 websites or 10,000)

You are backed by an amazing customer/tech support team.

Group Websites, Multiple Websites

From your headquarters you can choose to have global pages that will show on each site. Each location can also have their own pages, shown alongside the global pages, that are based on their unique locale. You can also choose to create each site totally different and individualized.  

We live in an ever changing world…. SiteDitto is backed by a company that has been learning more about the website business every day, since they started in 1996. This is our new generation, launched in 2016, to manage our website template hosting company and custom design business. We have rebuilt this to manage our business for the future, and now you can start and manage yours, for pennies on the dollar.