Do you Host the system?

Yes, we do all the hosting and maintenance of the system. 

Is there a limit to the number of websites we can have within our group?

There is no limit to the number of sites that you can have within your group.

If you do all the tech support how does that work?

We will give you a phone number for your users to call, here in Michigan. We will answer the phone Tech Support – we will use your domain for email and they will come to us directly – plus you can have a copy sent to you so you can see what is going on.

Is it easy to set-up a site with a new domain name?

Yes, our system has a domain company integrated in the set-up process. It can check for availability, and if available, you can purchase the new domain during set-up of your new sites. If the site already has a domain, the system will send out instructions on how to point it to the service.

Can we turn sites off and on in the control panel?

Yes, you have full control to turn sites on and off, as well as different features for each site. Note: If you are reselling sites, there are many options you can charge extra for if so desire.

Can we link to our own shopping cart, we already have a great shopping cart?

Yes, of course you can link all your sites to the shopping cart or any other services you are currently using.

How do I control multiple websites?

The system has an easy to use control panel that has all the controls in one place. To add another site fill in the information and it is done instantly.

Is there a limit to the size of the websites?

No, the websites have no size limit!

How much training and support do you give us?

We are here to teach you the system, everyone learns at different speeds so there is no time limit. Our belief is that if you are not successful... we are not successful. Once you join us you have a whole team behind you! You can call us as many times as needed, our support hours are M-F, 9am to 8pm EST. We also check emails and voice mails throughout the weekend. Site Ditto also uses Skype if that is easier for you. 

We run many sites for our school district, how would this system help?

In so many ways! The Site Ditto system will bring uniformity to the school, and at the same time your websites will not be a nightmare to manage. When it comes time to teaching someone new to run the sites, it only takes about 30 minutes. You no longer have to worry about being locked in to a certain person on staff who can manage the websites. The ability to launch a new site for a few months is easy too. If you want to create a website for the drama department or for just the sports... no problem, and in doing this, students can start managing sites and earn credits and gain live experience. Schools can also use the sites for fundraisers. The cost is only $5 per month per site - So if the play runs for one month and the promotion time for two months before, the cost would only be $15 to $20. Can you imagine having a website to promote special functions and events, and it not being worth much more in sales than the cost of the site for a few months. 

Whose Customer Sites are they?

They are Yours! We will not market to them or share data with anyone.

What if the system does not work out for me, what happens to the websites within my group?

They are your sites to move anywhere you’d like. We hope you would discuss any issues with us, to give us a chance to add a features or take care any problems. We are very service oriented company; we aim to please. If there is any way we can correct the issue, we will! Though if all else fails we will help you and your sub-sites to make the change. 

What if we would like our own look and feel?

You can add your own website designs. We have put together the criteria for you to design your own site which will be integrated in and automatically become responsive in the website editor. This is a very important feature of the service so you can customize sites to your own niche and liking.

What about a shopping cart?

Yes, we have a retail shopping cart that you can add on to your websites.

Is it going to be time consuming for us to do tech support? 

The system was built to be easy... With that said, if the sub-site user is not techie at all, the initial system walk through could take an hour.

Do my franchisees have to have their own domain name?

No, they do not, ether way they will be set-up on a sub-domain and if they already have their own domain they will both work.

Are you using the WordPress system?

No, our in-house developers have built and continue to maintain our own system. We tried to use WordPress through the years many times, and found it too hard to manage over 10 sites, and when sites number pass 100, it requires a full time employee to manage them. It becomes way too costly.

Is it different then WordPress?

Yes, it is not built on open source so you do not have plugins to update, plus when it comes to managing many sites, it's night and day easier.

Can HTML be added to the templates?

Yes, we built this system to be very open.

 Do you have a shopping cart?

Yes, we offer an affordable shopping cart or if you already have one, you can use yours.

Note: If you are reselling the system, each customer will need some tech help with setting the cart up. We recommend charging extra for the extra tech support you will need to do.

Of course we will train you how to use the system and cart, we can even join a go-to-meeting with you and your customer for training, if needed in the beginning.

We run a county government and we have many sites, would this work for us?

The Site Ditto system was built for applications just like a city government. It was built to make running many websites easy, and not having to be a techie to do it! You can set the sites up a few different ways. For example, Site Ditto is in Grand Traverse Country.  Let's say we own, the county clerks site would be  and this site address could be a full website with many pages or just one page. And it could also be on its own domain name if desired.

We have lots of help information and will add more where we see customers getting stuck. It normally takes less than 30 minutes to help a customer to understand the system. The goal is to make it so easy there is no need for live tech support. However, we are a big believer in customer service, and we do not want anyone getting frustrated, so we go a little over board when it comes to customer service.

For Resellers:

If I use your system to build my own business, what do I need to know? Do I need to be a techie?

If you have a desire to be successful and you have the gift to sell, that's 80% of what you need. You do not have to be a techie! The best combo would be a good sales person that knows design and colors and a graphic designer, this would open more doors to make money with logos, design layouts, etc...

How much money can I make selling this system?

The income potential is unlimited. We pulled some numbers together, you can check them out towards the bottom of our pricing page.