Schools and Colleges

Attention Trade Schools, Colleges, Photography Schools, just to name a few...

Our multi-site template system is just the answer for Schools and Colleges. It’s like a full website business in a box. For example, if your school is teaching a business class and your students need to make a website as part of the class, our system can do that and more. Setting up a new student's website with a full domain or sub-domain takes less than two minutes and a just a few seconds to suspend or delete the student when needed.

The school/teacher retains full control of every site, while giving students the freedom to customize them... This is a teachers dream!

As a teacher you know the best way to teach is hands on, and at the same time let your students be as creative as they can. With our system they will have all that creativity and the tools to go with it. Instructors have total control to turn features on or off for different classes or just one student.

If you are a teacher of Photography this system is a must! With the most advanced photo shopping cart worldwide. The photo cart will give them the ability to not only show their amazing photos, but also sell them. It also allows the student to create products that the images will go on from magazine covers, baseballs, full framed pictures to double sided greeting cards. If your students can design it, this system is able to display it and sell it! For non-photography students, we also have a full retail shopping cart.

For advanced design students, they can design their own template to be added to the school's system. Once they follow our requirements, the new template is dropped in to our system. After it is added your new template will automatically become responsive and is added into the live editor. These designs will be yours and will not be shared, without your approval.

Teachers control every student's passwords and usernames! Plus, we have special pricing for schools, so call today, 231.932.0855 ext. 15.