Have you ever imagined starting a Web Hosting Company?

We white label our entire system so you can start selling websites. Whether you want to start your own website company or already have a company that only provides custom sites Site Ditto has the answer. The profit opportunities are astounding...

This is a dream come true... simply decide your businesses domain name, call us and within a day or two, you can be setting up websites under your own business name. It really is that easy!

Even if you have already gone down the road to offer websites to your colleagues/customers, or if you are just thinking about it, this system is the perfect way to go. You can start making money immediately. We learned a long time ago when doing individual custom design, a large percentage of those customers have a way to nickel and dime you to death. This system will stop that cycle now!

It's Quick and Easy to Start

Let our fully integrated and ready-made Template system start making money for you instantly, without taking years to pay it off. As the reseller, you’ll be free from concerns about spending time and money on research or development. You can even add your own branding and identity, and get right to the business of making money.

It Keeps Your Customers Happier

Your customers that cannot afford a custom design will not have to look elsewhere or sign-up for a national giant company where they will get little or no support, plus they will be happier staying local.

Timing is Everything

The extra months (or even years) that it takes to develop your own solution can force customers away, not to mention the cost. It will not take years or hundreds of customers to pay off, it will take you only four to five to break even, then you start making $19.00 per site per month!

Make it Unique

You can even add your own designs to the system. Once you follow our requirements the new template is dropped into our system. It automatically becomes responsive and is added into the live editor. These designs will be yours and we will not be shared, without your approval. This gives you unique templates for your industry and of course you can use ours, and any new ones we will be adding.

It Will Save You Time and Money

While a custom solution may seem the best alternative in the beginning, you may quickly find that the effort disrupts internal business processes and busts budgets. Even if you think you can build it yourself, it’s important to factor in time for marketing. Keep in mind the time it takes for architecture, design, building, and testing the solution. If you require a fast deployment, cutting corners in any of these steps can leave you even further behind. Not to mention the cost to pay it back.

It Allows You to Focus on Your Business's Core Competency

Let our system start to work for you immediately so you can focus on the rest of your business. If you already own a web design company where you only provide custom sites, it can be difficult to get the numbers of customers you need because designing everything from scratch is time consuming. This system will allow you to pick up customers with little or no design work. And how happy your customers will be to have the ability to edit their sites themselves.

Opens Lots of Possibilities

There are many other opportunities to generate income. Set-up fees: We charge up to $200 to set sites up, you can set your own rate. Plus, there is design work beyond your help with the look and feel. After that they handle their own changes. There is also the option for logo design. The system has a built in Blog which you could charge extra for. There are many more possibilities and we can help you brain storm other ideas. Our team is very open to new features and services you might want to consider.


We can provide marketing information and materials that we have assembled from the website verbiage to post cards and business cards. This is the same system we used to build for our morephotos.com and wdweb.com sites on, starting 18 years ago, so you will have our experience behind you.


White Label Plan:  $495.00 one-time set-up

Then you choose which plan above works best for your monthly charges:


Plan 1 - $100.00 per month administration fee and $5 dollars per website, per month – you handle all tech support

Plan 2 - $150.00 per month administration fee and $10 dollars per website, per month – we handle all tech support

The suggested retail for these websites is this: A $200.00 one-time set-up fee and $24.00 a month.

With this easy pricing, making money will be almost guaranteed!

Pricing Examples: Plan 1 Example

You provide the tech support: Sell 10 sites each month at $24 per month and charge a one-time set-up of $200.

At month 12 you have 120 sites = $2880.00/mo plus $2000.00 set-up fee minus your cost of $700.00 = $4180.00/mo profit.

Profits with a $200 one-time set-up fee:
First year Profit = $37,620.00 –
Second year Profit = $63,980.00 – Third year Profit = $92,340.00.

It adds up fast with set-up fees! First year income would be $37,620.00 with the suggested $200.00 set-up fee. However, it's your business and you can have the flexibility to charge as little or as much for set-up fees as you wish.

With as little as a $50 set-up fee, your first year income would be $19,600.00. With a set-up fee of $300.00, your first year your income would be $49,620.00.

On top of that, ask how you can make additional income (commission) by implementing our referral program.

And this does not include other services that some of your customers will need. We find some want us to set the site up with a certain look and feel, then after setup they make future changes on their own. Other add-ons are: Logo design, SEO, content help, social media help and so on.

If you put just a little effort into building your web business,
you will have something you can be very proud of and is very profitable!